Aubrac and the Laguiole Knife

The Laguiole, a traditional knife with a refined shape associated with the unique landscape of its land of origin: Aubrac ("Alto Braco").
This place of eternal pastures and deep beech forests, also known for its rich gastronomy is part of the department of Aveyron.
A land that has notably created the unavoidable Roquefort cheese, or that has witnessed the birth of the famous chocolate fondant dessert in the world-renowned kitchens of the Michelin-star chef Michel Bras.

Our brand

The Laguiole En Aubrac cutlery is one of the actors who have resurrected the cutlery tradition of the Aveyron Aubrac region, which had died out over the years.

The revival of local manufacturing was the guiding principle that led the company to create a forge and its workshops in the historic Laguiole area.

Remaining faithful to the local manufacturing and its traditional practices is what makes Laguiole En Aubrac the brand that it is today.

Each piece elaborated by Laguiole en Aubrac is the fruit of the work of a single master cutler.

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