Folding Knives & Their Leather Pouch

Finding the ideal knife to meet your requirements is not an easy task. Even harder than finding the right knife is maintaining it because once you find the perfect knife, you don’t want to lose it.

This brings us to the million-dollar question. How do you prolong the life of your folding knife? It is vital to preserve your knife carefully when not in use by storing it in a leather knife sheath. Proper lubrication is also essential.

In this blog, we shall discuss ways to ensure that your knife opens smoothly every time you take it out plus you can use it effortlessly. Without further ado, let’s get started.


How to open folding knives smoothly and extend their life

How to open folding knives smoothly


1. Cleaning

Cleaning is an integral part of keeping your folding knives in order and extending their life. Premium quality folding knives like Laguiole knives need to be cared for and maintained properly. There are a few do’s and don’ts while cleaning your knives.

  • Never wash your Laguiole knives under running water.
  • Always use a soft cloth to clean your knife.
  • Don’t use a dishwasher to clean your pocket knife
  • Never use hot water and detergents to clean your Laguiole knives.

An effective way of cleaning your folding knife involves a little bit of hard work but the result is worth it. You need a proper lubricant like penetrating oil, an old toothbrush, and an old rag.

Open the blade slowly and wipe the dirt around the revolving point. If there is too much dirt that refuses to come off, don’t apply too much pressure. Leave it that way for now.

The next step is to apply oil around the revolving point. Don’t use vegetable oil because it is unstable. You can use petroleum-based wet lubricants or dry, Teflon-based spray lubricants or oils like WD-40. Also, take care that the oil does not spill over to other areas.

Now, let the oil seep in. Open and close the knife numerous times to ensure that the oil covers all areas. Now, get out the rag and wipe the dirt off. You will observe that most of the grime will come off but if you are not satisfied with the results, repeat the procedure.

Alternative methods to clean your knife include using substances like vinegar and baking soda.


2. Storage

extend folding knives life

If you plan not to use your knife for a long time, you need to preserve it accordingly. Clean, wrap and store the knife properly to ensure that moisture, air, and water can’t penetrate. Wrapping your folding knife and storing it in a custom leather knife sheath would be a good idea.

Throw in a couple of moisture absorber packets as an added measure. It will protect the knife from any kind of damage. The sheath would protect the knife when not in use. Laguoile’s custom-designed knives are aesthetic and functional at the same time.

The triangular piece of leather at the top of the sheath prevents any sort of movement when fastened to a belt while walking.


3. Sharpness

Regularly using your folding knife can make them blunt. Sharpen them at regular intervals for optimal results. Using a dull blade can compel you to use more force and may lead to injuries. You can sharpen your knives using a honing rod, whetstone, or a regular coffee mug.

If you are not sure about how to sharpen your knife, consult a professional.


4. Maintenance

The best way to extend your knife’s life is by cleaning and polishing it after every use. If you fail to maintain it properly, rust and oxidation will build-up, reducing its life and efficiency. Polishing the knife after each use will prevent rusting and also the build-up of minerals and other grime.


Key Takeaways

Folding knives come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from taking the necessary steps to maintain and clean the knife, it is also important to handle it carefully. Most importantly, keep it tight. Over time, the screws might come off or become loose, tighten them at regular intervals.

Laguiole has a wide range of folding knives to suit your diverse requirements. Along with folding knives, we also have a host of other knife accessories like leather knife sheath, knife hosters, and much more.

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