Ivory Sommeliers: Luxury & Tradition

Most of us love sipping wine at a luxurious party or even while relaxing at home. But, how many of us know about the various types of wine, how they are made, and other details? Very less indeed. For instance, do you know what a wine expert is called? A wine expert is called a sommelier who has several responsibilities. You would often find a sommelier at fancy restaurants who assists guests in selecting a specific category of wine. They make your job easy by explaining the wine in simple terms and help you avoid reading the highly technical description on the menu.

There are several other factors that people are unaware of about wine. For instance, do you know the different ways to open a wine bottle or the various kinds of corkscrew available?

Here are some of the different types of corkscrew that you can use to open wine bottles. Remember, opening wine bottles without a corkscrew can be risky. So don't be foolish. Get a corkscrew if you do not have but do not try opening a wine bottle otherwise.

Laguiole en Aubrac Sommelier Waiter's Corkscrew with Mammoth Ivory Handle

This is one of the most preferred corkscrews because of its superior quality. This corkscrew is made of superior Sandvik stainless steel and has a foil cutter. These corkscrews are originally manufactured in France and are pretty handy. What's even more unique is the ivory handle of the corkscrew. While, on the one hand, the design helps you remain cautious while opening the wine bottle, it also adds a touch of elegance to your corkscrew. Thus, you can open a wine bottle in style with this corkscrew!

Waiter's friend wine key

This is a corkscrew with a foil cutter and is immensely efficient. The entire unit is made of stainless steel, which makes it quite sharp. The waiter's friend corkscrew is also an economical option as it is available on various e-commerce sites at affordable prices. These corkscrews are perfect for people having a home bar because you can do a lot with them. You also need not worry about maintaining them as the corkscrew and foil cutter can be easily replaced.

Things to remember while buying a corkscrew

There are several things to remember while buying a corkscrew. Remember, while on the one hand, corkscrews are essential for opening a wine bottle, it is also symbolic of class and elegance. Thus, you must make sure your corkscrew is both efficient and looks aesthetic and classy enough. Here are some of the crucial factors to keep in mind while buying a corkscrew-
  • Check for user reviews- If you are buying a corkscrew for the first time, it would be best to consider user reviews. User feedback serves to be the most authentic source of information about any product. By going through the user reviews, you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of a specific corkscrew.
  • Compare the price- Make sure you are not paying extra while buying a corkscrew. Some companies or shops might charge you more than the prevailing rates for the same model. Avoid being cheated by comparing the product's price with other products, and make sure you do not end up paying more.
  • Go for a trusted brand- It would be best to go with a trusted brand and avoid trying a new brand. Trusted brands maintain a specific quality of their products that ensures greater durability of your corkscrew.


There are several factors you must consider while buying a corkscrew. You must check the different corkscrew models available and select the best one for you. Remember, wine bottles require a lot of care while opening, and the right corkscrew can help you do this.