The premium tableware of Laguiole is made for whom is ready to experience the best premium knives. Since de early 1800s these special knives have been made in Laguiole, France.

The Laguiole en Aubrac hand-crafted cutlery is one of the players in the restoration of the cutlery tradition which had died over time. The revival of local manufacturing while remaining faithful to its traditional practices was the common thread that led the company to create a forge and its workshops in the historic area of Laguiole.

Laguiole knives

Sometime each knife goes through a process of 216 intricate steps for its creation. It can be used safely no matter if you are an amateur.

Enjoy shopping for incredible premium tableware!

Once you have your Laguiole products, you should consider this:

  • Laguiole items are robust and strong but they must avoid the dishwashers, this way will be as long lasting as ever.
  • To increase their lifespan, it´s very important to dry them after washing it, it does not matter if it´s the stainless steel sets.
  • Never wash the blade under running water.
  • Refrain from using detergents and hot water (anything above 932°F).
  • Use a wet soft cloth to wipe the blade.

Here are some of the best Laguiole premium products you should buy:

Laguiole en Aubrac Handmade 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set Solid Horn

Blades are made of Sandvik high-performance knife steel, which allows for razor sharpness, high hardness, exceptional toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Laguiole en Aubrac Handmade 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set, Water Buffalo Horn

Each knife is a work of art, handmade by a single craftsman. Each displays the traditional “shepherd’s cross” on the handle and “bee” at the top of the spring plate.

Laguiole en Aubrac Champagne Saber, Gray Cedar Wood

The Sabrage is a special technique to open champagne bottles with a saber, usually used as ceremonial.

Laguiole en Aubrac Champagne Saber, Olivewood

The force of the blade that strikes the lip of the neck is sufficient to break the glass and separate the neck from the bottle collar which, together with the cap, is fired away by the force of the gas contained in the wine.

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