The most frequently asked questions about knives; we answer them all.

Hi there. On today’s session we are sharing some of the most asked questions about knives. We went through them and answered the most frequent ones. Check them out, while you learn some tips, do’s and don’ts.

Knife skills?, What is that?

Knife skills are those you acquire by practicing the different forms of using a knife. Whether it is holding a knife, sharpening a knife, honing a knife, using a knife to slice, to dice, or to chop. These are all key things for you to be able to do with your knife so it’s important to practice, until you got it.

Are Laguiole en Aubrac knives dishwasher safe?

Since Laguiole En Aubrac knives are made from original materials, they are not dishwasher safe; we recommend that you wash them with a micro-faber clothing, and rinse them with as little water as possible. Use a mild detergent to clean them

I ordered a knife a few weeks ago, I want another to look the same; is that possible?

All knives come from different materials, the likelihood that you receive two knives that looks the same is very slim; even with the same material, you'll see significant variations


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