What are Champagne Sabers and Their Uses

What are champagne sabers?

Champagne Sabers is a sword or a knife that is used to open a champagne bottle. As scary as the name sounds, a Champagne Sabers is not a weapon. It is a blunt sword or knife made of stainless steel and can only be used on champagne bottles. The tradition of using champagne sabers has a long history and a ceremonial glory attached to the act.

History of champagne sabers

Champagne Sabres were first used under the rule of Napoleon, where every victory was celebrated by opening a champagne bottle. Since the warriors always used to carry swords, the concept of Champagne Sabers came into being. Since then, it has been in use and has become a popular fun activity associated with opening champagne bottles. Thus, using champagne sabers is symbolic of gallantry, heroism, and adventure even today.

Can you open champagne bottles without champagne sabers?

Yes, you can open a champagne bottle without champagne sabers. Remember, several kinds of knives and other bottle openers help you open champagne bottles. However, it is better to use tools that have been used by people all over the world instead of using available bottle openers. Remember, the cork of the champagne bottle might plunge out due to the enormous pressure of carbon dioxide inside. It is generally scary as the cork can hit your ceiling or guests directly, causing a great disaster. As a result, though there are alternative options, it is always better to use a champagne saber to maintain safety.

Features of champagne sabers

The kind of champagne sabers you should choose depends on the shape of your champagne bottle and its style. For instance, there are specific champagne sabers for different types of champagne bottles, and one must know these. You can also get several kinds of champagne sabers based on their handles. For instance, there are sabers of wooden handles, horns, and bones, and much more. The sabers with a wooden handle provide considerable grip while you try to open your bottle. These sabers reduce the chances of risk and are free to use. These sabers are generally made of Ziricote wood that is both durable and strong.

The sabers with horn handles are exactly the shape of animal horns, with a stainless steel blade fit at the top, and are perfect for opening champagne bottles in a formal style because of their unique design. Some of the most popular sabers of this category are the Laguiole en Aubrac handcrafted champagne saber with a solid horn handle and Laguiole en Aubrac handcrafted champagne saber with a buffalo horn handle.


Champagne sabers have a long and rich history as emperors used them to celebrate their victories by opening a bottle of champagne. These sword-like tools should not be confused with other weapons as they are only used for opening bottles. If you want to buy champagne sabers, make sure you buy one according to your needs. There are several kinds of sabers with different kinds of handles. Different sabers are also used for different types of bottles. Thus, make sure you are aware of all these while you get a champagne saber.