The Laguiole En Aubrac Sommelier corkscrews are forged from ultra-strong Sandvik stainless steel that avoids corrosion and ensure an ever-lasting piece. The contoured handle is made from unique materials. The decorative chasing on the metal spine serves as the signature of the craftsman who made the tool; thus your piece is handcrafted entirely. Made in France with French-made components.

Our corkscrews designs allow you to rest the wine key on the top of the bottle to help you pull the cork out.  A wine key requires far less arm strength than a traditional screw pull-style corkscrew, but does require a bit of skill. In order to smoothly pull the cork out, you have to be sure to get the worm into the center of the cork and then screw it in just the right amount, as well as rest the lever on the rim of the bottle at just the right angle.

Once you master this skill, removing the cork is a quick process. But, if you do it wrong, it’s possible that you end up tearing or fracturing the cork as you attempt to pull it out. No one wants bits of cork floating in their wine.

Once you get the hang of using a wine key though, they’re usually not too difficult to handle and they have the additional advantage of being lightweight and easy to carry around. Waiter’s corkscrews usually include a foil cutter built in as well, for some extra convenience.

  • Easier to use than screw pull wine openers.
  • Lightweight and portable, often folds up like a Swiss army knife.
  • Takes a bit of time to master the art of using a wine key.
  • Usually comes with a foil cutter.

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